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Ukrainische Flüchtlinge

Support our projects! Any donation from you is part of a huge amount of help for people and pets suffering from war and natural disasters around the world.

They all need our support!

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Bank details:

Recipient name: V&G Service gGmbH
IBAN: DE75 8709 6214 0321 1000 90

​In connection with the promotion of charitable purposes, on the basis of a certificate from the tax office of Chemnitz-Mitte, tax number 215/121/08994 dated April 24, 2023, we are exempt from corporate tax in accordance with section 5, paragraph 1 no. 9 KStG and are entitled to issue receipts about donations.

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Do not stay away from charity - maybe your donation will save someone's life! We really need your support today!

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V&G Service gGmbH

Adress: Fürstenstraße 49, 09130 Chemnitz, Deutschland

Registration code: HRB 35306

Phone: ​+49 151 558 58873


Bank details: Volksbank Chemnitz

IBAN: DE75 8709 6214 0321 1000 90


Working hours:

Mon. - Fri.: 9.00 - 17.00

Sat. - Sun: Day off

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