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Our projects

"Goodiest in the First Hands"

A project to transfer help from hand to hand. We deliver all assistance personally to those who urgently need it

Project "Pawsies"

This is an initiative aimed at helping homeless and needy pets, providing comfort and care to those who are unable to provide for themselves

Help when moving to Germany

Helping Ukrainians and other people in need to integrate in Germany as soon as possible

German language courses

Creation of schools for education and integration into German society refugees from Ukraine and around the world

Housing for


The project for the purchase of an apartment building for the resettlement of people in need of housing in Germany

Boarding house for the elderly

The project is aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly

Hilfe für urainische Flühtlinge

"Goodiest in the First Hands"

We decided to create this project to transfer direct help from hand to hand. It is important that this is received personally by the addressee. Direct targeted financial assistance, stationery, pet food, medicines, household or construction equipment and tools that children, their parents or the elderly need.
It doesn't matter how much you can donate today, whether it's 1 euro or 10, the most important thing is that it's done from the heart with love. The future depends on each of us. We look forward to long-term cooperation with everyone who does not stand aside. All the help provided by you, we will personally deliver to those who urgently need it.

​Project "Pawsies"

The "Pawsies" project is an initiative aimed at helping homeless and needy pets. Our goal is to provide comfort and care for those who are unable to provide for themselves.

Project Goals:
1. Providing temporary shelter and care for homeless animals;
2. Finding new homes for homeless pets;
3. Providing veterinary care and medical assistance;
4. Conducting public education events on proper animal care.

How You Can Help:
We rely on voluntary donations from people whose hearts are open to supporting our little friends. Your donations will help us provide food, medical care, and care for the pets, as well as conduct educational events.

Your donations may include:
- financial assistance of any size;
- first aid items for animals: food, medicines, toys, bedding, etc.;
- volunteer assistance in caring for animals or organizing events.

For more information on how you can help the "Pawsies" project, please contact us at:

+49 152 362 82569

+38 098 241 1762


Hilfe für urainische Flühtlinge

​Help when moving to Germany

We are Ukrainians who, like many other citizens of Ukraine, have lost the opportunity to live peacefully.
We have seen how, as a result of military operations, people lose their homes and property, how kindergartens, schools and hospitals are destroyed, how innocent children, old people and animals suffer, starve and freeze in their shelters. With our integration assistance, we ensure that Ukrainians and other people in need can integrate into Germany as quickly as possible, learn the language and understand the history of Germany, as well as its traditions, norms and values.

 Deutschkurse für Flühtlinge

​German language courses

One of our projects is the creation of schools for education and integration into German society refugees from Ukraine and around the world. This direction is specified in the statutory documents of our organization. We plan to organize integration courses in many German cities. Our representatives are already conducting negotiations in three German cities. The first courses will open in the city of Chemnitz. After receiving the B1 certificate, refugees can get a qualified job in Germany. After successfully passing the exam, you can continue your studies further. According to data provided by the German embassy in Ukraine, only 142,000 citizens were employed in the country as of September. This is a small percentage, but it is already a contribution to the development of the German economy.

Hilfe für urainische Flühtlinge

​Housing for refugees

Our foundation has developed a project for the purchase of an apartment building for resettlement of people in need of housing in Germany. In the future, we will continue this project at the expense of our own potential and attracting funds from sponsor organizations that support our foundation. Solving the housing issue and creating comfort is a pressing issue for many refugees. You can talk a lot about it, but it is better to start and do. We believe that refugees who have decided to integrate into society are ready to stay and work in Germany. We hope for your support that our project will not leave you indifferent to it.

Join us

Do not stay away from charity - maybe your donation will save someone's life! We really need your support today!

Hilfe für ältere Menchen

​Boarding house

for the elderly

Our activities will be aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly. First of all, a person needs a person. The main thing is not to let the elderly fall into despair, they always need any help, care and concern. Often, elderly people simply lack attention and communication. True charity is not about giving people what you want to give, but about giving them what they need and passionately desire. We are convinced of this.

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