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Ask for help for a cancer patient

Our foundation receives a large number of requests for advisory support that the Ukrainian government cannot provide. We do not know due to what circumstances our country cannot help its people solve oncological treatment. We don't say we are the best, but we strive to be the best. Together with the people of Germany, we are ready to provide this help to all citizens in need around the world.

Good evening, dear friends.

First of all, we would like to express our great gratitude and respect for the work and help you do for people from Ukraine who suffered while fleeing the war .

This is our situation that forces us to ask your organization for help.

We live in the hero city of Irpin, near Kiev.

In the near future my wife and I are planning to move to Germany to the city of Chemnitz.

The hardship that forced us to do this is not only the horror of war, but also the illness of my beloved wife, she is 48 years old today, she needs treatment.< /p>

My wife's diagnosis, oncology, (melanoma) skin cancer with BRAF 600 mutation

We are currently undergoing immunotherapy treatment.

The drug that was dropped on us (the first block) Keytruda did not show any effectiveness.

Doctors strongly recommend continuing treatment in Europe, as we need targeted therapy and these drugs are not approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. (Tafinlar + Mekinist or Opdivo + Ervoy).

We have submitted documents for the medical evacuation program, but we do not know whether the result will be positive.

Maybe we'll go alone.

We looked for clinics in Germany that specialize in skin cancer, and there is such a clinic in the city of Chemnitz. DRK Hospital Chemnitz-Rabenstein.

In the group you gave a link to your INTERNATIONAL JOINT FOUNDATION

“WE ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER” and that we can turn to you for help.

We ask you if you can help us if possible.

We need accommodation (2 people, me and my wife), preferably on the 1st floor, because taking into account the woman's indicators, she now finds it difficult to climb stairs and having pain in her joints as she stays in a general camp for refugees may not be easy.

Can we ask you to find us an apartment with possible payment from the job center as well as help with accompanying us to the doctor and the clinic, as we still have difficulties with the German language?

We really hope that you can hear us and help us.

May the Lord bless you for all the good you do to people and give them hope and a future.

Good evening, dear partners.

Many thanks to the creators of this channel for the opportunity to communicate.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION “WE ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER”

Information about whose activity I have seen in this group.

Special thanks to VOLUNTEER Elena Yakimovich, who from the moment (just yesterday) of my appeal to the Fund and already today responded and spent half a day with me on the phone.< /p>

We are still in Ukraine, but thanks to comprehensive information, advice and further support, we will go to Germany for treatment in the near future.


God bless you 🙏🙏🙏 for all the good you do for us and for the people who need help for your open heart.

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