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Who is he?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

He is an ordinary Ukrainian schoolboy forced, like many other boys and girls, to leave his homeland and move to Germany. It hurts, it hurts a lot. I am writing, and tears are pouring down in hail...

Petryaev Maksym Serhiyovych was born on February 25, 2014. A native of the city of Donetsk. When Maksym found out what his mother was doing, he brought his piggy bank, broke it, took out money from the fragments and said:

- Mom, I want to give these 100 euros to your fund. I understand what kind of charity you are going to do and I am sure that the guys who remained in Ukraine will also receive my help."

Who is he? Maksym is a man with a big heart and an open soul. He is the stimulus of life for parents. This generation must be preserved and multiplied regardless of the country in which they will have to live, study and work.

General Director Gennadiy Tsimbalyuk

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